September 30, 2022

Chris Evert: 18-time grand slam champion complete chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer

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The 18-time Grand Slam champion revealed that she had been. Diagnosis with the disease In January.

“I’m a little bit out of it (Medis) but nonetheless, thankfully and with relief I completed my six chemo treatments,” he wrote on Twitter with a video of himself with healthcare workers who Treated Everett and played the wind chime. Opportunity

“I love you, thank you so much … we hope we don’t see you again,” Everett told the workers, laughing as she prepared to leave the healthcare facility. ۔

Everett became the first player of any genre to win 1,000 singles matches.

Everett’s younger sister, former tennis player Jane Everett Dobbins, died in 2020 at the age of 62 from cervical cancer. Dubin’s cancer had spread before he was diagnosed.

Everett, 67, said her doctor told her that once the treatment was completed, the cancer had a 90 percent chance of not returning because it was caught so quickly.

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