September 30, 2022

CBS Presidents George Cheeks Tests Positive for Coronavirus

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CBS President and Chief Executive George Checks tested positive for the corona virus on Thursday, a few days after sitting down with President Biden at a White House correspondent’s dinner, the network confirmed Friday.

Mr Cheeks has been fully vaccinated and has received a booster shot. CBSAnd negative testing on Saturday before dinner and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

“He is OK and working from home,” the company said in a statement.

Mr Cheeks was one of several people who attended a White House correspondents’ dinner just later to be tested positive for the corona virus, including Anthony J. Blanken, Secretary of StateAnd many journalists, e.g. Jonathan CarlABC News chief Washington correspondent who shook hands with Mr. Biden during the dinner, and Steve HermanChief National Correspondent at VOA

As of Friday night, it was not clear how many cases had been confirmed among those attending the dinner or related events. Dinner required proof of vaccination and a one-day negative test, and boosters were strongly encouraged. Relevant events set their own policies.

Mr Cheeks sat between President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the dinner, all three exposed.

Comedian Trevor Noah graced the occasion by presenting gingerbread in front of the ballrooms of 2,600 journalists, celebrities and political figures for about half an hour. He opened the dinner by calling it “the most outstanding super spreader event in the country.”

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said Wednesday that President Biden had a “negative experience” Tuesday after attending dinner. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday night.

Dr. Biden is in Romania. He traveled with troops on Friday and visited Romania on Saturday before leaving for Bratislava, Slovakia, as part of a tour of Ukraine to show support for Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion. Will meet the position.

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