September 27, 2022

Casey White indicated he wanted a shootout, but wreck prevented it, sheriff says

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“This operation would have saved the lives of many of my deputies (and other officers),” Wedding said.

“(Casey White) said he was probably going to exchange fire, which would endanger their lives,” said Wedding.

Many questions remain about the couple’s actions, with officials saying they may have been brought up in secret. Romance While the man was normally held in the state prison, he stayed in the county jail from time to time while awaiting a pending murder trial. His voyage – which officials say involved at least four vehicles from Alabama to Indiana – sparked a multi-state search.

But they did appear to be hiding more: at Cadillac, police found about ً 29,000 in cash, a wig, four handguns and an AR-15 rifle, Wedding said Tuesday. Police had earlier said that Vicky White may have been using cash from a recent home sale.

Wedding said the couple stayed in Evansville for a week, but paid for a 14-day stay at the motel.

Wedding said, “They thought … they had driven long enough that they wanted to stop for a while, straighten their bearings, and then find their next destination for the trip.” Wedding said.

Latest on Alabama Fugitive Case

Casey White relinquished her right to an extradition hearing Tuesday in Indiana Vanderburgh County Jail.

“I want to go back to Alabama,” said Casey White, wearing a yellow jumpsuit and orange slide, practically appearing before a judge from prison.

Rick Singleton, Alabama’s Lauderdale County Sheriff and former Vicki White boss, said that when he returned to Alabama, he would immediately appear before a judge and then be sent to the State Department instead of the county custody. Will be transferred to correctional custody.

Wedding said Tuesday that Casey White has been speaking freely with investigators since his arrest.

“He was very clear with the investigators last night. He had a very long interview,” Wedding said.

Who followed

Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolen said Tuesday that Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38, are believed to have been in Evansville since at least May 2, when a City Police officer identified the 2006 Ford F. – Actively checked the license plate of 150 trucks. .

Bolen said authorities now believe the couple bought the truck at Lime in Tennessee – but a May 2 check did not indicate a connection between the truck and the fugitive couple.

Searching for the couple, US marshals said they Learned on sunday The truck was abandoned at the Evansville car wash – Bolen said. An initial drop was reported to City Police on May 4.
American marshals on Monday Announced Casey White was shown with a truck in surveillance photos obtained from a car wash on May 3. Wedding said investigators found out the couple left the car wash at Cadillac, adding that they did not know how they got the car.

On Monday, a police officer from Evansville spotted a Cadillac in the motel’s parking lot and “immediately notified us,” Wedding said.

Law enforcement officers then looked at the motel. U.S. Marshal Marty Kelly said officers saw Vicky White walk out of a motel wearing a wig on Monday. Then, he and Casey White entered Cadillac and left.

Authorities pursued. The couple said the couple “exited the hotel parking lot, headed north on US Highway 41 (and) entered an industry known as Anchor here in Evansville.”

“They passed through the parking lot (and) through the meadow. Members of the US Task Force basically hit the car and pushed it into a ditch,” Wedding told a news conference Tuesday.

Kelly said the car crashed and overturned. According to US Marshals, Casey White was driving.

According to Kelly, Casey White allegedly asked authorities to help “his wife” who shot herself in the head and told him she did not. Kelly said Casey White and Vicky White did not marry according to investigators and authorities had previously said they had no relationship.

Authorities initially believed that. Wiki White “Once the car crashed,” Wedding shot himself. She died Monday at a hospital.

Wedding said a coroner would confirm whether Vicky White had shot herself.

The U.S. Marshals released photos Monday afternoon of what they believe was a capture of fugitive Casey White during surveillance during an Indiana car wash.

“His finger was on the trigger,” Vicky White said, dispatching the dispatcher.

During the pursuit, Wiki White Hours before Tuesday’s news conference, Wedding told CNN that he indicated during a call with police dispatchers that he had a gun.

In a dispatch audio from Evansville Police, a dispatcher noted during Monday’s chase that “we can hear him on the line saying his finger was on the trigger.” The first sender can be heard saying “they are calling 911”.

It is not clear who made the 911 call. Authorities have not released the audio, which they believe is the voice of Vicki White.

According to Singleton, no law enforcement officers fired during the chase.

Scene at the end of the persecution in Evansville, Indiana.

The couple went missing in northern Alabama on April 29.

The couple initially disappeared on April 29 when Vicky White, who was due to retire that day as Lauderdale County Assistant Director of Reform, said she had asked Casey White to leave the county courthouse for a psychiatric examination. Were taking

But she never reached the courthouse, and authorities later found out that she had taken him in a mobile car to the parking lot of a shopping center. They left the car and got into a car that Vicky White had staged the night before, officials said.

Casey White will be brought back to Alabama, where he was facing murder charges before fleeing and is already serving a 75-year sentence for other crimes. Prior to his death, Vicky White was charged with allowing or facilitating a first-degree escape, in addition to allegations of forgery and identity theft from his 2007 Ford Edge. The purchase was linked to the use of nicknames in which the couple left Alabama.

The experienced officer has been described by Singleton as an “ideal employee” with a “spotless record” who was trusted and respected by his colleagues. As the investigation unfolded, the sheriff admitted that his outward appearance did not correspond to what his colleagues thought he knew.

“Obviously there was an aspect of Vicky White that we weren’t aware of,” he told CNN earlier.

Although authorities have said that one of the couple RomanceIn part of what other inmates have said since the couple’s escape, Singleton said Monday that Vicky White has yet to learn more about her involvement.

“I don’t know what in the world made him pull that stunt,” said Singleton. “I don’t know if we’ll ever know.”

The search was difficult for investigators.

Singleton said Tuesday that Vicky White was “basically the mastermind behind the whole project.”

“He was behind bars. He couldn’t really plan behind bars, but, yeah, I think – personally, I think she was going to put that plan together.” Told CNN’s John Berman on Tuesday.

Singleton said that as the second commandant in the county detention center, White used his position to carry out the plan.

“She scheduled the van’s transport this morning, making sure all the other armed deputies were out of the building and tied up in court. She knew the booking officer would not question her … When she told him she was going to take him, go to court and leave him with the other employees, “Singleton said.

Singleton said, “She did manage – bought a fugitive car, sold her house, got cash, went shopping, bought clothes for her. She just – obviously she did. Put the plan together, “said Singleton.

“Casey White did not escape the facility; he was basically left alone,” the sheriff said.

Vicky White’s years of law enforcement expertise presented unique challenges for authorities.

Vicky White was once a trusted correctional officer, but officials say he kept a secret.  Here's what we know about it.

“The escape was clearly well-planned and well-planned,” Singleton said Monday, noting that escapes from county prisons are generally unplanned. “There was a lot of preparation. They had a lot of resources, they had cash, they had vehicles, they had everything they needed to get rid of it, and that’s why Made the week very difficult. We were starting from the ground zero, and not only that … they started six hours on us.

Investigators had earlier released a video of Vicky White in a quality inn in Florence, Alabama, where she said she had stayed the night before the escape. Singleton also said he had footage of men’s clothing purchases at a department store and an “adult store”, adding that he had “apparently changed” clothes for the prisoner.

Before his disappearance, Vicky White submitted her retirement papers and sold her home. For much less than the market value And bought the car that the couple will use to escape, officials said.

The day of his disappearance was set for his last day of work, but according to Singleton, his retirement papers were never finalized. The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office announced last week that she was no longer employed there.

According to Singleton, the counselors will be made available to staff at the Lauderdale County Detention Center who may be needed after Vicky White’s death.

“It’s a small agency, like a family,” she told CNN. “Some of these younger deputies were like a mother to them and I know they will tolerate it.”

Correction: The first version of this story incorrectly describes the location of Vanderburgh County. It’s in Indiana. The first name of American Marshal Marty Kelly was also wrong in this story.

CNN’s Jade Tim Garcia, Cristiana Segiglia, Elizabeth Wolf, Omar Jimenez, Nadia Romero, Jamil Lynch, Jane Silva, Amara Walker and Jade Gordon contributed to this report.

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