February 2, 2023

Boris Becker Sentenced to Prison for Hiding Assets in Bankruptcy

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Mr Baker’s precarious financial situation has been under consideration for years.

In 2017, a private bank in London, Arbuthnot LathamFiled a bankruptcy suit against Mr. Baker, claiming that he owed a large amount of money owed to him for almost two years. He was soon declared bankrupt by a London court, which found he could not pay his debts.

The same year Swiss court rejects A former Swiss business partner claims that Mr Baker owes him more than 40 million.

As he stopped his creditors, in 2018, Mr. Baker tried to make a claim. Diplomatic ExceptionsBecause the Central African Republic gave it its name. Affiliated to the European Union For sports, culture and human affairs.

If the allegations were accepted, any action against Mr Baker would require the approval of the then Secretary of State, then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But Mr Baker eventually denied the allegations.

In 2002, Mr. Baker was. Convicted In Germany, income tax evasion carries a two-year probation and a fine of approximately ,000 300,000. The decision comes six years after German tax investigators. Raided Mr. Baker’s home in Munich.

On Friday, Judge Deborah Taylor, referring to the case, said Mr. Baker “did not heed the warning and the opportunity he was given” – citing the fact that he was released from prison. Was taken – and that was a “significant growing factor” in the current process.

Mr. Baker Won millions In prize money and sponsorship deals. He has done a number of business ventures over the years, including a line of branded tennis gear. He has often appeared at Wimbledon as a BBC television commentator, and coached Novak Djokovic. The world’s top men’s singles playerFor a few years.

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