October 7, 2022

Biden predicts that if Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, same-sex marriage will be next

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“It’s not just cruelty to deprive a woman of her right to her body … but it is also, if you read the opinion … it basically says that there is no such thing as the right to privacy. Words: that same-sex marriage. “We’re going to go after the Supreme Court’s decision,” Biden said, referring to the Democratic National Committee’s fundraiser in Chicago, according to poll reports.

He said the court would do the same. Gerswald vs. Connecticut – Decision of 1965 in which the court stated that the Constitution protects the right to marital privacy against state restrictions on contraception.
The president’s comments point to his clearest warning to date about the possible implications of the Supreme Court’s draft leak, if it becomes official. Come to the heels of his remarks. Unsuccessful pressure from Senate Democrats Promote the Women’s Health Protection Act, which aims to protect access to abortion across the country.

According to Poole, Biden said Wednesday, “As we move forward, you’ll hear me talk more about what we’ve done and what they’re trying to do.”

Biden, a devout Catholic, has said he personally opposes abortion because of his beliefs but does not believe he should impose his views on the rest of society. In response to the draft leak, the White House called on Congress to legislate abortion protections – an effort that has stalled amid GOP resistance.

According to the poll, the president followed the Republican Party on Wednesday night, calling the GOP “small”, “extreme” and “sympathetic to (former President Donald Trump).”

“The fact of the matter is that they run the show – MAGA Republicans,” he said. “It’s really out of the pale.”

Analysis: Clarence Thomas has been waiting for this moment for over 30 years.
Biden has. First said That if the Supreme Court’s final opinion is issued on the draft, it would be a “radical decision” that would call into question “a full range of rights.”

On Wednesday night, he called the Republican Party’s agenda “radical” and told about 40 fundraisers that “if they win again in the House or Senate, we will have a different world.”

The High Court’s decision on the abortion, Biden suggested, could create some excitement in the ballot box in November and help Democrats win seats in the Senate and House, but the president’s worrying economic Recognized the news in which He put his administration on the defensive. In recent days.

“We can’t let that happen, people. And it’s going to be difficult, because inflation is going to scare everyone alive,” Biden said.

CNN’s Shona Mazel contributed to this report.

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