September 30, 2022

Biden administration will forcefully urge Congress to pass more Covid-19 funding during Global Covid-19 summit

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The summit aims to “redouble” efforts to control Covid 19 and prepare the world for the future corona virus or the next deadly epidemic, officials said. On Thursday, the White House mourned the loss of one million American lives in CoVID-19, although other official figures put the figure slightly lower.

Thursday’s summit, co-hosted by the White House with Germany, Indonesia, Senegal and Belize, will urge countries to invest in the World Bank’s new global epidemic and health care fund. , And the United States will announce. That pledge will increase to 50 450 million, up from an initial pledge of 250 250 million. The summit will also highlight pledges of additional 3.1 billion from countries around the world to fight CoVID-19.

But the way President Joe BidenVice President Kamala Harris and other cabinet-level officials are attending Thursday’s summit, which aims to urge other rich nations to step up their coronary aid efforts in support of poorer nations, the Biden administration said. Efforts to get more funds from the Congress will be at the forefront and center of relief efforts.
States receive billions in additional federal Medicaid funds to cover more Americans during epidemics.

A senior official said that on Thursday, administration officials would issue a “loud voice” to Congress to take action and “take immediate action”, not empty words.

Another official added, “If the United States is to remain a leader – to protect Americans and the world from the dangers of dangerous diseases – then we need to act now to provide more funding to Congress for the response to the quake.” ”

In addition to the two main goals of the summit, there are three key priorities that will guide Thursday’s gathering: stopping the rampage on CoVID-19, preventing deaths from infectious diseases, and preventing future variations and infectious diseases. – An official noted that it was “not one. If so, but when.”

This will be the second global CoVID-19 summit hosted by the White House, following a meeting in September.

Also present were Secretary of State Anthony Blanken, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield, Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becker, USAID Administrator Samantha Power, Deputy National Security Adviser Dilip Singh and White House Code Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha. Will do Will attend Thursday’s meeting.

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