September 27, 2022

Australia enlists NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal on Indigenous reform

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The Albanians’ centre-left Labor Party government is seeking a referendum, requiring changes to the constitution to recognize indigenous peoples and mandate consultation with them on decisions that affect their lives.

Details of the so-called local voice in parliament will follow a national referendum on the question, which the government intends to hold in the current term of parliament.

“I’m here in your country, you tell me anything you need from me,” O’Neill told Albany at a news conference in Sydney before being taken without question.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Birney told the news conference that O’Neal had requested to join and called the change mission “a great job”.

Albany said O’Neal, a four-time NBA champion, has a track record of working for social justice in the United States and “lifting up the underprivileged.”

“We want to provide the widest possible support and we want to engage with people who can connect, especially with the youth but with all segments of society,” Albani said.

“Shaq has a track record of bringing together people from diverse backgrounds that align with our vision.”

The prime minister said O’Neal had agreed to make some videos on the matter.

Labor is determined to propose a referendum as it campaigns for a general election in May, when it ends nearly a decade of rule by conservative Liberal-National coalition governments.

Indigenous Australians have worked for generations to acknowledge injustices since European colonization in the 1700s. The Constitution, which came into force in 1901, does not refer to the indigenous people of the country.

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