February 2, 2023

Asia’s 50 best bars for 2022 revealed

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(CNN) – With the easing of epidemic travel restrictions in most parts of the region, the annual Asia 50 Best Bars annual event was held live on Thursday evening for the first time since 2019.

Celebrating the region’s best bars and the people behind them, the 2022 event took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok.

As always, it was a contest between Hong Kong and Singapore for the top spot, with last year’s winner, Coa, taking first place for the second year in a row.

The Hong Kong bar, housed in a candle-lit space with industrial-style interiors, is named after a machine tool used to harvest agave – the plant from which the mescaline And the wine is distilled. Both spirits are prominent in Coa’s cocktails, including La Paloma de Oaxaca, which contains a mixture of grapefruit spiced mescal and tequila.

Singapore’s Jagger & Pony, located at the city’s Amira Hotel, took second place. Named the Double Sugar Measuring Instrument used by bartenders, it offers a menu of 24 cocktails – many of them fresh interpretations of classic beverages such as Yuzo Whiskey Pig, which makers Mark Bourbon, Yuzo Marmalade. , St. Germain, lemons and egg whites.

Hong Kong Bar Coa's Bloody Beef Maria Cocktail.

Hong Kong Bar Coa’s Bloody Beef Maria Cocktail.

Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022

Argo, from Hong Kong for four seasons, finished third on this year’s list. Its unique cocktail menu includes drinks that run on spiritual innovations, such as AI-made gin and molecular aged whiskey.

Meanwhile, the only bar in the top 10 that is not in a major city, Tesoro opened during an epidemic in Kolwa, a coastal village in Goa, India. Number four on this year’s list includes cocktails made from Guan-Portuguese design elements and fine rum, craft jeans, agave spirits and spirits from the local Guan brewed fanny.

Tokyo’s Bar Benfidich was fifth, Taipei’s Andalus Experimental Bistro was sixth and Seoul’s Charles H was seventh this year.
Although Singapore missed out on the top spot, it has more bars in the top 50 than any other city. Eleven places in the 2022 Asia list are in the city-state, including No. 8 this year, MO Bar, and former number one, Manhattan, which came in at No. 9 this year.

Bangkok’s new BKK Social Club, located in the Four Seasons on the Chao Phraya River, has joined the top 10 list.

Part of the World’s 50 Best Bar Brands, owned by William Red Limited, Asia’s list is based on votes from Asia’s 50 Best Bar Academy, comprising members of the bar industry in the region, media and mexicologists.

Mark Sansam, Content Director for Asia 50, said: “Asia’s Barz has shown remarkable resilience and growth despite the challenges of the past two years, and we celebrate talent and creativity for Barz exhibitions across Asia. But proud. ” The best bar, in a statement.

Asia’s 50 Best Times for 2022

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