January 30, 2023

Arizona judge orders Kari Lake to pay fees for election lawsuit, but declines to sanction her

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Three days after a judge’s rejection Kari Lake election challenge In Arizona’s governor’s race, a Maricopa County judge has ordered her to pay her opponent, Katie Hobbs, as the governor-elect and outgoing secretary of state, but allowed Leak to file a lawsuit. refrain from

In a ruling released Tuesday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ordered Lake to pay Hobbs $33,040.50 in expert witness fees. Thompson’s order ended up endorsing the election of Katie Hobbs as the state’s next governor.

The court’s initial decision on Christmas Eve was a major setback for Lake. Lost to Hobbs. by about 17,000 votes in November and sued in an attempt to overturn the election.

In a two-day trial, Thompson ruled that “the experts who testified in support of Lake provided an analysis that does not nearly reach the threshold of accuracy…requiring the conclusion that the election results were tainted.”

was there Printer errorbut Thompson ruled that “every witness before the court denied any personal knowledge of such misconduct. The court cannot accept conjecture or conjecture in place of clear and reliable evidence.”

Hobbs’ attorneys alleged that Leake and his attorneys knew their challenges at the polls could not be proven. That would violate legal ethics rules and they wanted sanctions against the Republican candidate and his team.

In his ruling, Thompson disagreed, noting that Hobbs’ attorneys had not established that Leake’s claims were “baseless and made in bad faith … however strongly felt.” ”

Hobbs’ inauguration is scheduled for January 5. Govt. According to elect’s website.

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