February 1, 2023

Analysis: Winners and losers from Tuesday’s primaries

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I looked at the results and selected some of the winners and losers of the night. They are down

* Donald TrumpThere is no question that the former president endorsed the author. JD Venus The Ohio GOP was the biggest moment of the race in the Senate primary. Vance walked from the middle of the pack to the top of the field in the wake of the confirmation and, in his victory speech, went out of his way to thank Trump for his support. Contrary to many affirmations of his officials with no serious chance of losing, Trump’s decision to run for office was a real political threat, as many national observers see it as a preliminary test. Looked at – in which you were really involved. The former president’s continued dominance within the party. Test passed. Also, JR Majowski, who put pressure. Painting a big picture of Trump In her lawn, Republicans are leading the primary. Also for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District.
* Peter Theil: Thall, PayPal co-founder and tech billionaire Thrown 15 million Join the Ohio Senate race to help elect Vance. That’s a good thing for Thall’s second-highest priority this year: the Arizona Senate race, where he gave millions to Thall’s former aide, a Super PAC supporter of the Blackmasters.

* Mike D. Wine: Ohio Republicans were one of the most aggressive governors in the country in the early days of the epidemic, working to reduce the spread of Covid 19. Because we live in a very strange political age, which made it the target of Trumpist conservatives. But on Tuesday, De Vine easily won re-election, possibly splitting the votes of the former president’s base in the state by two decisive Trump-candidates. (Unlike the state’s U.S. Senate race, Trump did not run in the governing primary.)

* Greg Pence: You may be forgiven for thinking that the older brother of the former vice president may have some trouble in the Republican primary in 2022. Finally, Trump has made clear his hatred of Mike Pence’s reluctance to overthrow the 2020 Electoral College. The results, however, are nothing if not unexpected, and Trump endorsed the Indiana congressman last weekend, saying Greg Pence was “strong on the border, protecting lives, defending the Second Amendment, and Support our brave soldiers and vets. ” Pence won his primary easily.

* Tim RyanOhio Congressman travels to the Democratic Senate nomination, saving all his money and money for the general election. While Venice’s celebrity may make her a slightly disproportionate challenger in the general election, she also has a long record of columns and public statements that should be a fodder for Ryan’s opposition research team. Also, Vance’s Philip Flopri about Trump – who was opposed to his voice in 2016 and has now become an ardent supporter – should make some slim dunk ads for the Democrat campaign.


* Josh MendelFormer Ohio Treasurer launches race for Republican nomination He finished it in seconds away from Venice. This is Mendel’s second defeat for the Senate in a decade. Mendel is still in his mid-40s and has plenty of time to find another race – or race – to run, but his rising star within the party is now officially gone. ۔

* Self-fundersOhio Republican Senate field was full of candidates who were spending too much of their money – and not doing very well. Mike Gibbons dropped nearly ً 17 million of his money to get only 12% of the vote. Jane Timkin spent 3.5 3.5 million to get 6% of the vote. And Matt Dolan, whose family owns the Cleveland Gardens, contributed 10.5 million to his campaign for third place behind Vance and Mendel.

* Rob PortmanRetired Ohio Republican senator backs Tamkin in race to replace GOP Trump in a clear effort to head the state. She was not even close to winning. And just hours after the primary ended, Portman hurriedly threw his support at Vance. “I’m convinced that we need a #GOP majority in the US Senate on Biden’s administration as a check and balance, and Ohio will be the key to that effort.” He tweeted.

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