September 27, 2022

Analysis: How Vicky White and Casey White’s escape plan was brought to an end

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For 11 days, the couple – who had nothing to do – stayed on the lam, Until I chase a car on Monday In Evansville, Indiana, Casey White, 38, was arrested and Vicky White, 56, died of gunshot wounds. Until then, their disappearance Had become a national passion.And a tip from the public helped them locate just five hours’ drive from where they had disappeared.

Preparations for the escape of the fugitives from Lauderdale County Jail gave a strong start to the authorities’ intent to apprehend them. Prior to the escape, Vicky White sold her home for about ً 95,500 – much less than the market value – and used a nickname to buy an orange 2007 Ford Edge SUV from Florence, Alabama. Used to escape. She was also caught doing video shopping for men’s clothing and was later seen wearing a wig.

Law enforcement experts told CNN that their nonviolent mistakes were increasing as their notoriety grew, and eventually announced the end of their quest for freedom.

Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, told CNN on Monday that “they had the cash, they had the ability to keep up with the changing modes of transportation, but they Did not take advantage of it. ” “And that’s how they got caught.”

The escape plan was “well planned and calculated.”

Retired Inspector General of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, John Moriarty, said escape plans generally do not go beyond prisons or prison walls, having worked in other prison escape cases, including helping an inmate. Was done Correctional Officer

“They usually have a great plan for the fence, but when something goes wrong, they don’t know how to deal with it,” said Moriarty.

Vicky White was once a trusted correctional officer, but officials say he kept a secret.  Here's what we know about it.

Prior to Monday’s arrest, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said Vicky White and Casey White’s “escape was clearly well-planned and calculated.” “There was a lot of preparation. They had a lot of resources, they had cash, they had cars, they had everything they needed to get rid of it.”

And since Vicky White used an understandable cover to mislead Casey White from prison – telling colleagues that she was taking him out for a mental health check – “they But it started at six o’clock, “he said.

Singleton said Tuesday that as a second-in-command at the detention center, White “scheduled the van’s transportation this morning, making sure all the other armed deputies were out of the building and tied up in court.” “Singleton said on Tuesday. “She knew in that look that the booking officer would not question her – the assistant director – when she told him she was going to take him to court and leave him with the other employees.

“She managed: she bought a fugitive car, she sold her house, she got cash, she went shopping, she bought clothes for him. She just, obviously, put the plan together,” Singleton said. He added that Vicky White was “basically the mastermind behind this whole project.”

The Dutch SUV was a telling signal.

But a major setback for the pair would have come soon after, when they He lost his car.Ford Edge was found in a two-lot in Williamson County, Tennessee, about two hours north of a jail in Florence, Alabama, the U.S. Martial Services said Friday.
Vicky White had a 'special relationship'.  With prisoner Casey White.  There are others who fall in love with the prisoners behind bars.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office told CNN that the SUV was taken to Lot the day Williamson County Sheriff’s Office found it unoccupied and locked, with no tags or identification information. Singleton told a news conference Friday that the couple had abandoned the Ford Edge due to mechanical problems. Nothing found inside.

William Sorokas Jr., retired chief of the U.S. Marshall Service’s Investigative Ghetto Operations Division, told CNN that whatever the reason for the excavation, the condition of the vehicle and where it was found.

Before finding the pair, he said the fugitives often leave the car at the airport or in the parking lot of a large shopping center, where it may not be known for some time. Sorokas said Vicky White and Casey White’s SUV was left in the middle of a rural area, indicating that they would have to “change any plans they had for where they were going or How do we get there, “said Sorokas.

Chad Hunt, commander of the U.S. Marshals, told CNN that in Tennessee, Vicky White and Casey White spent $ 6,000 to buy a Ford F-150.

Indiana Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said it was a mystery where he went after that, although Casey White has been “pretty clean” with investigators since his arrest, who shared details publicly. Did not

Money can be a double-edged sword.

Jeffrey Walker, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, says it’s hard to find someone who has the resources. “The fact is he sold his house and made money – he made a nest egg so he could move and live for a while,” he told CNN before his arrest.

Still, money can be a double-edged sword, experts told CNN. Even if Vicky White and Casey White had cash, they would have to go public to spend on food, water, clothing and gas. Moriarty said Casey White’s eye-catching 6-foot-9 frame was “better than a tattoo on your forehead” for authorities.

Before fleeing with his jailer, the Alabama fugitive was accused of killing a lovely, patriotic mother who never forgot her birthday.

In fact, it was a man believed to be Casey White who was caught on surveillance camera at the Evansville car wash where investigators found the 2006 Ford F-150 they had bought in Tennessee.

The officers and detainees have been in Evansville since May 3, Wedding said. Hunt said it was also believed that Casey White and Vicky White had bought another car at some point.

On Monday, investigators released photos from the car wash. Vicky White was not among them.

That same day, surveillance officers spotted Vicky White wearing a wig as she was leaving the hotel, said U.S. Marshal Marty Kelly. She and Casey White boarded a Cadillac and left – on a journey that would end with her capture and death.

In the days following the couple’s escape, authorities may have spoken to people who knew them, law enforcement experts told CNN. Sorokas said the aim was to “create a comprehensive picture of his life”, to help authorities “determine how he was going about his business and what he did with his life before fleeing.” What did

Casey White is now talking to investigators, and what really happened may soon become apparent – including perhaps the most troubling question: why didn’t he drive her more than 300 miles?

“It’s incomprehensible here that he had that advantage of time, and it looks like he wasted it living in Evansville, Indiana,” McCabe told CNN. “And basically the investigation was allowed to catch up with them,” he told CNN.

CNN’s Jason Hanna contributed to this report.

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