September 29, 2022

Analysis: Elon Musk just made Donald Trump’s life a lot more difficult

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“I don’t think it was right to ban Donald Trump, I think it was a mistake,” said Musk, who is in the process of buying the social media company. At the Financial Times Conference. “I will change the Perma ban. … Trump’s ban on Twitter has not silenced Trump’s voice. It will raise it between the right and the wrong, and that is why it is morally wrong and utterly stupid.”

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. After all, it clearly lacks the social media site because it was banned after the January 6, 2021, uprising in the US Capital. He releases regular press releases – via his Save America PAC – which reads exactly as his tweets once did.

In addition, Trump has invested most of his subsequent presidential capital – politically and otherwise – on a rival social media site called Truth Social.

And if Trump returns to Twitter, then the social for truth – Always something weak – Completely missing

Which puts Trump at the helm of a difficult dilemma: Is he upholding social truth, for financial and pride reasons? Or does he just go back to Twitter – where more than 80 million followers are, probably, waiting for him?

(Sidebar: Trump doesn’t need to make that decision today or tomorrow. Musk doesn’t own Twitter yet, and even under the fastest scenario, he probably won’t for a while.)

To this day, Trump has insisted that he stands by the truth. “I’m not going to Twitter, I’ll stick to the truth.” Trump said Shortly after the news of Musk’s acquisition of the social media giant in April. “I hope Elon will buy Twitter because he will improve it and he is a good man, but I will stand by the truth.”

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. It would be foolish for Trump to abandon Truth Social before he knows a) if Musk is really going to buy Twitter and b) if Musk plans to revive it.

But now that the answer to both questions is “yes”, Trump’s situation is a bit more complicated. CNN’s Gabby Orr reported Tuesday that according to a person close to Trump, the former president is still committed to Truth Social, but he is voting on whether to run in the 2024 White House election. Must rejoin Twitter first.

It is also worth noting that Truth Social is not setting the social media world on fire at all.

Last month the Washington Post ran a story with the headline “As financial and technical issues escalate, Trump’s truth is in social trouble.“Which included these lines:

“The app – which looks like a Twitter where posts are called ‘true’ – has seen so few downloads that it has fallen off the App Store charts. The company is losing investors, executives and attention. Is.”

In recent weeks, Trump has stepped up the pace of posting on Truth Social. (It posted four truths in the last 24 hours, most of them citing the success of its candidate endorsement.) And the app is currently the seventh most downloaded social media app on the Apple App Store.

But broadly speaking, the truth is not socially successful. Special Purpose Achievement Company Designed To Take The Company To Public – Digital World Acquisition Group – Shares fell sharply. In the wake of the news that Musk is buying Twitter. (When Trump started, stocks rose slightly. To tweet The truth on the platform at the end of last month. But the collision was short-lived.)

This decision would have been easier for Trump if money had not been a factor. It has an established and loyal foundation on Twitter and will probably soon be owned by someone who has pledged to run aspects of the site’s free speech.

But money Is One factor we all know is that Trump is one. Less rich He was much more than that when he took over the presidency and b) has a narrow list of revenue streams in which his overall personal branding has been affected by his time in the White House.
Truth Social, at least in theory, was the solution to Trump’s potential cash flow problems. At least so far, it’s working. Like Forbes Written last month. In a review of Trump’s overall worth and truth social:

“Master of Invention, Donald Trump has a new title: Tech Entrepreneur. It’s a moment for a 75-year-old man who doesn’t even use e-mail, instead prefers to scroll notes into markers.” But he does not mind leaps and bounds. In projects in which he has little previous experience – and this gig should prove to be far more profitable than the presidency.

These are the 430 million reasons why Trump did not have to stray from the truth. But Twitter’s siren song is getting louder and louder. And it seems that Musk intends to restore Trump’s former presence on the platform.

This is a real problem for Trump. Whichever path he chooses, he loses – influence if he sticks to the truth then social and money if he goes back to Twitter.

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