February 3, 2023

Analysis: Donald Trump lived in fear of being hit by, um, ‘dangerous’ fruit

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Yes, you read that right.

In a recently released one Copy of a deposit As part of Trial Filed by a group of protesters who allege they were attacked by Trump’s security guards at a 2015 election rally, in which fruit was the subject – and especially fruit – was thrown. Came to the fore.

This is the full – and complete epic – back and forth between Trump and Benjamin Dictator, a lawyer representing the protesters.

Dr.: Okay fine. And you said, “If you see someone getting ready to throw tomatoes, you get the dirt out of them.” Was that your statement?

Trump: Oh yeah. It was very dangerous.

Dr.: What was so dangerous?

Trump: We were threatened.

Dr.: What to do with?

Trump: They were going to throw fruit. We were threatened. We were in danger.

Dr.: How did you know that there was a danger that people would throw fruit?

Trump: We were told. I thought the Secret Service was involved. And you get the fruit, that’s – no – that’s a very violent thing. We were vigilant for that.

Trump’s lawyer Jeffrey Goldman: I think tomatoes are a fruit. … It has seeds.

Trump: It’s worse than a tomato, there are other things. But tomatoes, when they start to do this, are very dangerous. There was a warning that day.

Dr.: Who were you talking to when you said …

Trump: Listeners.

Dr.: So you were talking to the audience when you said that if they saw someone getting ready to throw a tomato, take out the ugliness from them, what would you do?

Trump: It was for the audience. It was kind of a joke. Maybe buy, you know, there’s a little truth in that. This is a very dangerous thing. You can be killed by these things. … I wanted people to be ready because we were alerted that they were going to bear fruit. And some fruits are even worse – tomatoes are bad anyway. But it’s very dangerous … they were going to kill – they were going to kill very hard.

Amazing, isn’t it?

American politicians have a long history of being off the beaten path.

Richard Nixon “Eggs, tomatoes [and] Vegetables “ In the anti-war protests of 1970. He survived.
Tomatoes were hurled at then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s convoy. During a 2012 visit to Egypt. He was not injured.
A protester in 2009 Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin throws two tomatoes. At the Mall of America in Minnesota. He missed Both times
And perhaps the most famous incident in which a politician threw something at him happened on December 14, 2008 when one The Iraqi journalist threw not one but two of his shoes. On then President George W. Bush. Bush bowed.

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