November 30, 2022

Analysis: America is on edge, and that’s bad news for the White House

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Many important aspects of economic, social and national life that were once seen as a guarantee of smooth functioning have come to an end. Of Covid-19 global epidemicAlthough it has eased its deadly grip, it has left a complex legacy of challenges that are still disrupting everyday life. There are some concerns – like over 800 airlines Flights canceled on Sunday. Others jeopardize Americans’ economic prospects and sense of security and well-being as they grow. Fear of recession.

Such an environment would certainly create new chaos in a nation with a growing ideological divide ahead of the midterm elections, which would be even more dysfunctional if power in Washington were divided between Republicans and Democrats. Likely to happen. And it almost guarantees the years of political turmoil before the 2024 presidential race, which could undermine the nation’s ability to resolve any crisis.

Severe issues are involved. Record petrol prices.. The family is facing difficulties. Rising food and essential commodity prices. Some large cities are failing to cope with the homelessness crisis. Baby formula shelf Are still often empty. And summer travel is hampered by Code-19 due to the airline industry. Although vaccinations and less deadly strains have reduced the risk of the virus, it is still disrupting businesses, schools and summer camps.
An example of political divisions in the country, meanwhile, is the Senate’s crackdown on firearms security measures. While Liberals view the growing number of shootings with horror as horrific, conservatives who believe all gun rights are at stake make it difficult for Republican lawmakers to compromise. The political divide is also evident from the mixed acceptance of. Television hearing House Select Committee to Investigate US Capital Uprising The panel shows how close the United States has come to dictatorial occupation. Former President Donald Trump Attempted coup. But the new evidence is largely ignored by his supporters, reflecting the GOP’s anti-democratic stance and is at stake for the next election.
A tense national mood is likely to escalate further, with double wins for conservatives. Eliminates in advance, One man has been charged Conservative Justice Brett Kiwana’s assassination attempt reflects the charged environment around the court and the political issues it is about to rule.

Upcoming problems

The situation abroad is also disturbing. The United States is fighting a war against Russia in Ukraine, which – despite Biden’s success in restoring the West’s Cold War front against Moscow – is turning into a costly stalemate. A construction superpower showdown with China would increase US resources, and a new nuclear crisis with Iran could soon join the ongoing conflict with North Korea.

These are definitely troubling times. But there is also a point of view. Biden is right in highlighting the strong job growth that has pushed unemployment to such a low level that it could mitigate the effects of a possible recession triggered by the Federal Reserve’s aggressive efforts to cool inflation. Is. And for the first time in two decades, the United States has no troops on the ground in a major war abroad. A picture of almost any moment in American history can reveal the political struggle over the country’s destiny and the scope of the rights granted by the Constitution. Even if the recession does happen, hopefully it won’t be within the scale of the 2008 financial crisis or the Great Recession of almost 100 years ago, although it will comfort everyone who loses their job. Sits

Biden's anxiety

Crushing the current crisis will inevitably lead to an immediate political backlash for Democrats in Congress, who are facing a dire situation five months before election day. Mid-term elections are usually detrimental to first-term presidents. The drop in Biden’s approved ratings and the White House’s difficulty in presenting controls have threatened to hand over both the House and Senate to Republicans, prolonging the political era in which almost every Elections seem to be turning into denials of power and restoration of voter decisions. From the last election.

It is debatable how much Biden can do to improve the economy and all the problems that are plaguing the country. But his claim to victory in 2020 – that he was chosen by voters to solve problems – is breaking down. And while the White House has taken a number of steps to fix things – including the extensive use of wartime powers under the Defense Production Act, the release of millions of barrels of oil from national reserves and emergency flights of baby formula from abroad. Enhancement – His efforts have not always been effective.

When it comes to inflation in particular, the White House has often delivered a confusing political message as officials mingle, saying Biden is more likely to highlight a number of plans to understand the pressure on the American president. Can’t do anything But given the reality of rising gas prices, Biden is a tough political place – unable to take credit for the positive aspects of recovery because many people are not realizing the strength of the economy in their lifetime.

At times, Biden appears to be claiming credit for what he does in the economy and blaming others for what he does not do – rejecting criticism that his stimulus costs have led to inflation. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the high prices of air and petrol “an increase in prices.” Last week, the president criticized major energy firms for their increased profits, which could be a strong political strategy to rally Democrats but not help bring down gas prices.

Biden’s remarks in an interview with the Associated Press last week that Americans are “really, really down” after years of epidemic deprivation and political divisions were in line with their promise to always tell Americans the unshakable truth. But he does not have to paint a picture of a president who is capable of influencing the nation in difficult times. This is particularly troubling, as his comments coincide with an active attempt by the White House to reduce speculation about Biden’s intentions for re-election amid growing debate about his age. ۔ He will turn 82 between the next presidential election and the inauguration. Every White House assurance that it intends to run only fuel stories about Biden’s political plight.

But Washington’s speculations about its future will be minimal if the economic situation is in a better place.

Things can get worse.

The terrible reality for Democrats – and struggling Americans – is that things could get worse.

The combination of stubbornly high inflation and rising job losses in a slowing economy caused by the Federal Reserve’s action would be an even greater political catastrophe for the White House. Last year, after repeatedly reducing the risk of inflation and insisting that it was a temporary trend. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is one of the few officials to admit that she made a mistake, as she did in a recent CNN interview. He insisted on ABC News “this week” on Sunday that although inflation was “unacceptably high”, the recession was not inevitable. Brian Days, director of Biden’s National Economic Council, had a similar message on other talk shows on Sunday.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granhome, meanwhile, added confusion over Biden’s forthcoming visit to Saudi Arabia, saying she believed Biden Meeting with Crown Prince Muhammad bin SalmanHe has been accused by US intelligence of ordering the assassination of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Biden said last week that he was not going to the kingdom to meet with the Crown Prince, but that he would attend an international meeting of regional powers in which he would attend.
The White House says Biden will attend next month's meeting with Saudi officials.  Crown Prince

Dancing to the head of rhetoric reflects the administration’s apparent desire to improve relations with the Saudis in order to increase oil production, which could lead to lower gas prices. But it is also a reflection of the reaction Biden is facing from some Democrats in reducing his position on a nation he once called a “paradox.”

Back home, the administration’s struggle will be good news for Republicans, who are reaping huge benefits in the medium term, and have the simple fact that Biden’s economic plans are not working. Any improvement in the inflation picture is not enough to change the political landscape before November. And a protracted fight against rising prices and a possible downturn in the recession could upset Biden as the 2024 campaign grows faster after November.

This is hurting Democrats because Trump is showing every sign of campaigning for his old job – despite evidence of his extremism and abuse of power by the House panel on its television hearings. I have shown.

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