October 7, 2022

An Alabama sheriff explains why Vicky White and Casey White were so hard to catch

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Casey White has a decade-long criminal history. Court documents allege he hit his brother in the face and head with an ax and sentenced him to more than three years in prison in 2012.

Then in 2015, he a The commotion of crime Home invasion, car jacking and police chase were also involved, according to the Martial Service. In March 2016, he was indicted on 15 counts and was eventually convicted in seven of them, including murder and attempted robbery. According to Alabama records. He is serving a 75-year sentence on those charges.

According to the Martial Services, White allegedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and his sister in 2015 if he got out of jail and said he wanted the police to kill him. The agency said it had suggested its “potential targets” for the threat and had taken precautionary measures.

Josh Guan was one of the victims in the 2015 case. He said White got into his truck, stole his firearm, and then used the firearm to jack up his neighbor and the neighbor’s infant. Guan was a witness in the case and told CNN that it was an unrealistic experience to see how little White regretted.

“I was just happy that they gave him enough time until then – if he ever goes out, he won’t be able to do anything. Since fleeing, “he said. “The fact that he is out of the world is a terrible thing for society.”

William E. Donaldson was serving a 75-year sentence in a correctional facility in White Jefferson County, Alabama.

But in 2020, he allegedly stabbed to death in 2015. Connie Ridgeway, 59 He was charged with two counts of murder. He pleaded not guilty to the charge of insanity and was taken to a Lauderdale County detention center to attend a court hearing in the case, officials said.

There, he contacted Vicky White, who was working as Assistant Director of Reform for Lauderdale County.

Sheriff Rick Singleton said he was returned to Lauderdale Detention Center on February 25.

This is not the first time White has tried to escape from prison, nor is it the first time he has won the trust of other reformers.

Singleton said that in 2020, when White was being held at the Lauderdale County Detention Center, authorities learned that he had planned to escape from prison and take her hostage.

“We shook him, and we found a shin in his possession – a shin prison knife – and we got it back. We sent it back to the correctional department immediately,” Singleton said. Granted, “said Singleton.

A lawyer who represented White until 2020. CNN-affiliated WAFF The latest attempt to escape was not surprising in itself.

Attorney Dale Bryant said he was not surprised that Casey escaped. “I was wondering with whom he escaped. I had never heard of him before. But Casey did not make the first attempt to escape in Lauderdale County facing the charges.”

Singleton said that before the current escape, Casey White and Vicky White had formed a “special relationship,” which included extra food.

“We were told that Casey White had special privileges and was treated differently from other inmates at the facility,” he said.

Similarly, Casey White had previously won the trust of Limestone County Sheriff’s Office officials.

“When he was in Limestone County a short time later, he gained the trust of the sheriff’s department, and they allowed him to be a trustee inside the prison.” Bryant told WAFF. CNN has contacted the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office for more information on its trustee program.

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