November 30, 2022

A frustrated Biden will go on attack against GOP in midterms — and into 2024

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In private, the president lamented that people had stopped focusing on what he thought was the state of affairs in the country under former President Donald Trump. And so his old line, “Don’t compare me to God, compare me to the alternative,” has become a medium-term mantra around the West Wing.

One of Biden’s advisers argued, “Voters can easily believe that the country is not where they hoped it was,” but also admit that they referred it to Marjorie Taylor Green in ’22 and Trump in ’24. Don’t want to

Another part of Biden’s advisers said, “Part of the value of contradiction in any medium term is to try to force voters to think of it as an option, as opposed to holding a referendum.” ” “This has been done most effectively from above – it is difficult to send candidates across the country even if they are all singing the same hymn book if you do not have a president running.”

In the current political climate, Biden’s inner circle abroad is looking for hope. French President Emmanuel Macron re-elected Winning against a far-right opponent last weekend confirmed the thinking around. Biden said he could reduce the damage. Republicans are going hard this year. Experts familiar with French politics were not so impressed with the tweet of White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein after Macron’s findings that the French president’s approval rating was similar to Biden’s and he won a landslide victory. It is true that binary options were for Macron’s advantage, he says, but its approval rating is actually higher by French standards, while lower by Biden’s US standards.

It’s not just about Biden and his team, as the White House sees it. People close to the president say he is happy with the impatient intentions of those in his party, and a little angry that they feel he is being pushed out. He wants Democrats to focus on the party’s stakes in the medium term, not on its future ambitions.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts impresses with the latest iRolls in the West Wing. White House aides were outraged by the clicks last week. New York Times Option Ed Expressing regret over “Biden’s stalled agenda” and “our failure to do great things”. Many of them thought that she could use her platform for Biden’s success. Instead, they saw her when she was sold. Sunday News Shows To talk about her wish list agenda – and to ask if she will run for president again in 2024.
Elizabeth Warren is setting up a 'told you'.  Moment for the mid-2022s

He reiterated that Biden was running and was supporting him, but that the White House would instead focus on Trumpism, which is eating away at the Republican Party. It is possible that some of these sentiments will come to light in the guise of jokes at a White House correspondent’s dinner on Saturday night. Biden has already added a bit of freshness to his season: “Don’t compare me to God, compare me to an alternative” and “This is not your father’s Republican Party.”

“It’s a MAGA party,” he said at an event A pair of West Coast fundraisers last week.
On Thursday, responding to Bad gross domestic product Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation, Biden said. Are the leaders of the campaign arm.

“We’re in a situation where we have a very different view from San Scott and the Republicans who want to raise taxes on middle-class families and include half of the small business owners,” Biden said. “If our Republican friends are really interested in doing something about economic growth, they should help us reduce the deficit; they should be willing to work with us to have a tax code that is really one.” Whoever works and everyone pays their fair share. ؛ And they should be in a position where we should not raise taxes on the middle class, we should raise taxes on those whom everyone recognizes as their own. Not paying a fair share. “

Chicken Biden-Trump Game Preparation

Like everyone else in politics, The inner circle of Biden and his advisers is assessing the mess. Outside of Mar-a-Lago, the former president is looking for traces of his plans for 2024.

But the timeline is under Trump’s control – the former president could wait a year or more to make an announcement, about Republican plots that are expected to accelerate in the morning after midterms.

Fed up with inaction, the bipartisan duo urged leaders to do more.

Officials, meanwhile, are being careful not to violate the Hatch Act by mixing politics with government business. Outside the White House, Biden’s advisers are wary of mobilizing campaign finances and sanctions, which could come from talking too much about running.

Another adviser to the president said, “You can point out to history that there is a clear time horizon that many presidents have seen in their re-election campaigns,” said another presidential adviser. Towards the announcement of such re-election. Former President Barack Obama If so, will it be around that time next year?
Biden’s advisers say he thinks his poll figures are better than the rest of the country. Trump is worse, and the top Democrats present him as such. What a sign of goodwill towards Biden.

“Joe Biden defeated him once, and Joe Biden will beat him again,” said Biden’s campaign poster John Anzalon.

But democratic concerns about 2024 are growing. Many party leaders who agree that Biden is their strongest bet against Trump are skeptical that he will do well against a younger and less rude Republican. Prominent party leaders privately say they are confident that without Biden, the 2024 race will lead to another mob primary.

At the same time, if Biden resists the decision to avoid governing as a lame duck, it could block other candidates who need time to collect money and their profiles.

“Even if the Republicans win this year, I’m still convinced that Biden is our best candidate against Trump and they will defeat him,” said Pennsylvania Republican Brendan Boyle, who is in Biden’s first election fund reserve. Returning before attending. Launched in 2019.

In other words, in the next few years, American politics may come upon two white men in the late 70’s who are playing a long game of chicken.

May's primaries will examine Trump's role as GOP Kingmaker.

As Trump uses his mid-term endorsement and rallies to cut down on what his own path might be for 2024, Biden sees the next six months as his chance to benefit from his brand. Is.

“He’s like Scranton in his mind,” said one man who spoke to the president, referring to the town in Pennsylvania where Biden was born and often referred to him. “There was a boom, then there was a shock, but the value hasn’t changed. It’s just vague market interest.”

The president’s adviser put it bluntly: “It’s not just the intra-party back-and-forth in the Republican Party, it’s the fact that Trump is pulling them back, and the American people are pulling their leaders. We need to focus on that. Let’s move on. ”

Meanwhile, Biden is still trying to govern. The Supreme Court confirmed. Judge Keaton G. Brown Jackson The White House did not deliver what was expected of the by-polls, citing a lack of fighting on the scale of Brett Kiwana’s nomination. But even when the president wants to step up attacks on congressional Republicans, he does not want to jeopardize the possibility of future agreements with them.

They may eventually come to power.

An aide to Biden said, “Ad-homing attacks are not what they are,” and this is clearly not what he thinks the American people are looking for in their leaders and their president.

An old friend comes to the White House for lunch.

Biden tells his team that if he could just get out of the White House, he would be able to persuade as many people as possible – Americans and lawmakers – to support his agenda. Both CoVID-19 and then Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been used to explain why it did not act.

Biden's approval rating dropped further with young Americans in a new poll.

Among some auxiliaries, permanent types of rotation have become a punch line.

Biden’s foot touch trips often leave his agenda at the top: when he does Promoting ethanol within the corn processing facility In Iowa, He said Putin was committing genocide. Who paid the most attention.

On Monday, Biden handed over his old friend Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan to the White House. While there, Dogan joined Biden in the Oval Office when the president called to congratulate Macron on his re-election. He was sitting in a session with Harvard students talking about how to attract young voters. They had lunch in the presidential dining room, and Dogan showed Biden pictures of how some of the money from the US rescue plan was being used in Detroit.

“Because he’s not out there, he’s not really getting the credit he deserves for all the good things that are happening,” Dogan said, telling Biden. “Standing there with a teleprompter and reading is not what he likes.”

The Utah Democrats have backed an independent House of Representatives contest against Mike Lee.

Evaluating the Democrats’ prospects in Michigan, a key presidential battlefield, Dogan said he thinks local Republicans are hurting themselves by pursuing conspiratorial views on the 2020 election results. Dougan said there was real concern about inflation in everyone from factory workers to middle-class people in his suburbs, but he hoped inflationary pressures would ease in the coming months.

Dogan was the first person to prepare Biden to run in the 2020 election – on election night 2016, when the then vice president demanded a gut check on Trump, who won Michigan.

The mayor said he is still on board.

“Anyone who hangs around today will be encouraged to run again – he was strong, focused and ready to fight,” Dogan said. “I agree that the Democrats will be lucky to get Trump back. But if they do, that’s more than Biden has.”

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