February 1, 2023

$750,000 settlement reached with DC attorney general in case involving funds used in 2017 Trump inauguration

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According to a person familiar with the settlement, the Trump organization will pay $ 400,000 and PIC $ 350,000. The DC Attorney General’s Office said that as part of the deal, the money would be sent to two DC nonprofits, DC Action and Mikva Challenge DC.

Announcing the settlement, DC Attorney General Carl Racine said, “One of the first steps that Donald Trump took after his election was to illegally open his own inauguration to enrich his family. We refused to allow this corruption to stand. With our lawsuit, we are now recovering money that was misused by Trump’s own inaugural committee. “

In a statement issued by the Trump organization, the former president said the settlement “reflects absolutely no responsibility or confession of guilt.”

“As crime is on the rise in our nation’s capital, it’s important for the attorney general to address these issues, rather than the victims of the biggest sorceress in political history,” Trump said. “This is another example of the law enforcement agencies arming against the Republican Party and especially the former President of the United States. Too bad for our country!”

Lee Blake, counsel for the inaugural committee, said the committee was confident it would succeed in the trial but decided to avoid “significant costs” of litigation. He said the committee’s insurer, which is providing funds for the settlement, would pay double to go to trial.

According to the settlement agreement filed in the court, it recognizes that the defendants are disputing the allegations and are settling “to avoid the costs, costs and risks of further litigation” and neither the defendants “Acknowledging wrongdoing, illegal conduct, or liability.”

Racine sued in 2020, accusing the 2017 Presidential Inauguration Committee of colluding with the former president’s family to “place” the venue for the opening ceremony at the Trump International Hotel in DC in January 2017. Overpayment made. According to the lawsuit, the inaugural committee misappropriated approximately $ 1 million in charitable funds for the use of the venue at the Trump Hotel. He also alleged that the committee had paid about ً 50,000 to pay off the outstanding debt for a block of rooms reserved for the Trump organization at the Loose Madison Hotel.

The Trump organization has agreed to sell the Washington, D.C., hotel to CGI Merchant Group, an investment firm based in Miami. CGI is partnering with Hilton Worldwide Holdings to run a hotel called Waldorf Astoria. The deal is set to close soon.

Explanation: The title of this story has been updated to indicate that the Trump Organization is paying only a fraction of the settlement. The story has also been updated to include additional developments.

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